La-Z-Boy Asia Supports Ronald McDonald House Charities

La-Z-Boy Asia continues its good cause under the concept of “fill love, feel comfort, alleviate
distress”, granting La-Z-Boy recliners and cash donation to the Ronald McDonald House at King
Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital under the management of Ronald McDonald House Foundation
Thailand. The donation is set to aid both physical and mental health of families with child patients for
the second consecutive year, after the company generated more than 40% of business growth in
Q1FY2022 despite the COVID-19 and global inflation.

Mr. Ratharuj Manaswatcharapong, General Manager of La-Z-Boy Asia Co., Ltd., commented that La-ZBoy
Asia is aware of global inflation and COVID-19 crisis, causing pricing increases. Certain families
with critical child patients, traveling from remote provinces, cannot afford accommodation in the city
during their children’s hospitalization for close supervision. As a result, the Ronald McDonald House
fills the need for temporary shelter to families with ill children. In line with the company’s concept of
creating comfort and relaxation for customers, La-Z-Boy Asia would like to take responsibility and
help ease the suffering and distress of children and their families.

La-Z-Boy Asia has been supported by Asia’s consumers to create business growth by 40%
from last year. This growth results from changes of consumer behaviors caused by COVID-19
allowing people to take time at home more. Therefore, La-Z-Boy recliners, ergonomically designed,
presenting the aesthetics of relaxation, wide range of models and materials, receive higher demand
as people are looking for relaxation and comfort at home. La-Z-Boy Asia is also committed to promoting
love and bond within family as well as the company is aware of the plight of needy families, hence,
La-Z-Boy is taking its responsibility to give back to society.

For the above reasons and in recognition of our well-supported customers, La-Z-Boy Asia is
pleased to contribute back to support the Ronald McDonald House at King Chulalongkorn Memorial
Hospital, with the donation of recliners and cash to put children’s families at ease, as well as to provide
relaxation to foundation’s staff.

La-Z-Boy in the United States has been working with the Ronald McDonald House Foundation
since 2008, and La-Z-Boy Asia has been working on recliners and cash donations to the Ronald
McDonald House Foundation in Thailand since 2021. This year is the second consecutive year of the
CSR campaign.

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